About Master Wang

Born in 1971, in Xi'an, China. Inspired by his mother, Master Wang developed an interest in cooking at a young age and eventually graduated from culinary school. As a culinary student, he carefully studied the traditional method of making ramen and developed his own unique insight, making noodles with great firmness and texture.

In 2003, Master Wang brought the traditional Chinese la mian to the Garden City, Singapore. Bold in exploring new ways to excite the taste buds, and inspired by many famous local dishes, Master Wang came up with new flavors loved by la mian fans.

In 2009, Master Wang opened the first “Master Wang La Mian Chinese Cuisine” in Anson Road, Amara Hotel. Soon, the restaurant gained popularity, and with it came long queues and media attention.

In 2013, Master Wang listened to customers' feedback and decided to expand his business. He invited his good friend Mr. Li Ming to join Master Wang F&B management’s board of directors, strengthening human resource management and job training. And with three years of hard work, the company grew to what it is today.

Today, Master Wang has become an iconic brand. The next step is to further strengthen the brand management, and make Master Wang a worldwide brand.