Xiao Long Bao, also known as Xiao Long Mantou, is a famous traditional snack from China’s Jiangnan region.The delicious Xiao Long Bao originated during the Qing Dynasty Daoguang reign (1820 – 1850) Jiangsu province, from the then Changzhou Wanhua restaurant. Through continuous improvement from famous chefs, it is now one of a kind. With its thin translucent skin, large fillings of steaming soup and soft tender meat, it is like a chrysanthemum on the plate or a lantern when picked up. Truly a joy to savor it!

Dragon is the symbol of China and its people, the descendants of the Dragon. And most famous among the descendants is Bruce Lee, the great martial arts movie star. In Spain, to commemorate the outstanding contribution of Bruce Lee, his most favorite snack, Xiao Long Bao is named after him. Famous throughout the world, Xiao Long Bao is undoubtedly a well-loved treat.