Kurobuta Pork = The WAGYU of the Beef World
One of the highest quality pork in the world.
Delicate, nutty, with a melt-in-your-mouth marbling.

By using KUROBUTA Pork in our Xiao Long Bao, you can expect overwhelmingly flavourful juices bursting in your mouth at every bite!

$3 each (Min. 2 pcs)
$18 for 6 pcs, NOW $15 ONLY!

How is Kurobuta Pork different from normal pork?
They roam the Mediterranean oak woodlands, feasting on wild thyme, rosemary, mushrooms, and most significantly, acorns.
This ancient & natural diet coupled with it's genetic ability to store fat inside of it's muscle tissue, produces a uniquely tender, rich, rosy meat that's almost beefy in flavour.

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